To start to play, click on "General at war" on the left or top of the intial page.

The target for every game is shown on the left of the game interface.

When you are in the page shown here underneath...

you can enlist yourself in the match already opened by clicking on the title and following the instruction
For every new game all the information about it are written near the picture with the map

If kiblitzing is on
The function fog of war black cloud is the option "total", grey cloud is the option "during positionig", no cloud is the option "nothing"
If is on the function week-end safe
the number of defensive bones

If there are not any games waiting for players is possible to create a new one, clicking the button meke a match on the top left in the initial page.

Entering in this page

To create correctly a new game you must choose some options:

- The name of the game, max 19 letters spaces included

-Password : Is not obligatory, if you dont' write anything anyone can join the game.The game with password are marked whit a padlock in the initial page.
-Time limit
With this option you can decide the maximum time to do your movements, is possible to choose a minimum of 12 h or a max of 4 days

-Target choosing:
"kill every enemy" you must kill everyone
"Conquer 24 countries" The sistem will give you the target.

-Fog of war
"Durig Positioning" the sistem will show you the enemies's armies only when you finish to put yor armies
"Nothig" The sistem showes you the enemies's armies since the beginning of the game
"Total" The sistem hides the number of enemies's armies during the all game.

-Numbers of players You can choose the maximum number of player for the match, the minimum is 3 the maximum 8. The match will start automatically when the number of player is the one choosen.

-Maps you can choose the map. To see every maps whit their explanation see the appropriate topic

-Defence bones It is possible to choose how many defence bones the players will have (2 or 3). Be carefull because the defence bones can change the game radically, with 3 is everything more tactical.

-The tris used
The number of the army change for any tris played. Start of a minimal of 4 and a max of 60
The number of the army is always 10
"By tris type":
The number of the army change for every combination of tris possible.
10 for 3 cannons
8 for 3 knight
6 for 3 infantry
4 for 1 cannon 1 knight and 1 infantry

-Its possible to choose some optional function like kiblitzing (if is on allowes the other players to see the mtch), the week-end safe, and mail advises .

The creator of the match can start it by clicking on the match's name and pushing the button on the top left of the screen
The initial number of armies dipends on the number of players: 2 player = 40 armies, 3 players = 35 armies, 4 players = 30 armies, 5 players = 25 armies, 6 players = 20 armies, 7 players = 20 armies, 8 players 20 armies.

In the Initial page, is possible to see your own matches:
Click on “My games” in the menu at the top of the page or in the menu at the right
Here is possible to see all the game where you are enrolled.
Is your turn in the game written in red , waiting for players in yellow, in green the games in phase of positioning, and in white the games where isn't your shift to play.

In that page is possible to see the time left for your shift.
By clicking on the name of the match is possible to go in the match's interface
where we put in evidence

-Players pannel

-Simbols to see the shifts and the dead players  

-General info's about the match like time limit defence bones etc

-Number of armies for the next tris

-the control pannel on where you can see which cards you have and from where you can do all you things like attack, movements of armies, armies placement etc..

Match starts with the positioning of every armies, indicate in your control pannel.
When this part of the match is ended the game can start.

The game shift is divided in 3 parts: armies positioning,attacks and movements, shift's end.

In the initial part of your shift you recive and put a number of armies that is function of the number of countries and continents owned, and the tris you have.
For the continents you recive 7 armies for the Asia (all the green countries), 5 armies for the north America (all the yellow countries), 5 armies for the Europe (all the blue countries), 3 armies for the Africa (all the brown countries), 2 armies for the Sud America (all the red countries), 2 armies for the Australia (all the purple countries) in the classic map, for the other maps the extra army are written on the map.
For the countries, you recive the number of your countries divided 3 if you have more than 9 countries, if you have less than 9
- with 3 defence bones, 1 army
- with 2 defence bones 3 army.
The sistem associate one card at every countries, you win a card for the first country that you conquer in your shift.
When you have a tris the sistem gives you a number extra armies. The number of this armies is written on the top of the name pannel
If the player that change the tris is the occupant of one or more countries rappresented on the cards, he will receve 2 extra army in one of this countries.
For example if you own Australia, Europe, 4 countries of Asia and you have 3 cards of a kind (tris value 10) of Cina, New Guinea, Ontario
You will receve
For the occupied countries    17:3=5    5
For the occupied continents    2+5=7    7
For the tris                              10    10
For the occupied country of the cards:
choose one between Cina or Nuova guinea   2
Toral armies                                          24

In this second part you can attack from one country to another. The number of attacks is unlimited but you can attack another country only if it is adjacent to the one from which you want to attack or if there is a line between the two country. When you win an attack you have to move into the conquered country at least the same number of armies of the attacking bones. Remember that you must have at least one army in all your countries so if you have less than 2 armies you can't attack anyone with that country.
You can attack with 1,2 or 3 armies and the defender defends with 2 or 3 armies (dipends on the game options) the most high bone you have is compared with the most high of the other, if they are the same the defender wins.

In this final part you can move how many armies you want from only one country to another adjacent.