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Author Topic: 13865  (Read 677 times)
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:26:12 AM »

Mimile DTC Turno Finito.
Mimile DTC placed 7 armies in Kamchatka
rody Turno Finito.
rody conquered Alaska
rody placed 9 armies in Alberta
Mimile DTC Turno Finito.
Mimile DTC conquered Alaska
Mimile DTC conquered Kamchatka
Mimile DTC placed 6 armies in Mongolia
Joufly Turno Finito.
Joufly placed 3 armies in East Africa
rody Turno Finito.
rody conquered North Africa
rody conquered Greenland
rody conquered Oikiotoluk
rody conquered Quebec
rody conquered Alaska
rody conquered Alberta
rody conquered Western US
rody conquered Eastern US
rody conquered Central America
rody conquered Peru
rody placed 4 armies in Venezuela
Turno Finito.
conquered China
conquered Siam
conquered Indonesia
conquered Western Australia
conquered New Guinea
placed 5 armies in Eastern Australia
rody placed 5 armies in Venezuela
rody placed 15 armies in Brazil
rody placed 15 armies in Venezuela
Joufly placed 35 armies in New Guinea
Mimile DTC placed 35 armies in Eastern Australia
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